When Curiosity Mars rover gets a new color, the curiosity box stores will get a new curiosa


A little over a year ago Curiosity was spotted by its namesake rover Curiosity, which was looking for signs of past life on Mars.

Now, that mission has found evidence that life could have existed on Mars, but it’s unclear how or if it happened. 

While scientists continue to analyze the rock sample to learn more about the planet’s past, Curiosity’s color will be different. 

“Curiosity will be the first rover to have a unique color and we’re going to explore this in more detail in the future,” Curiosity project scientist Daniele Sallanzoni told CNBC in November.

The new color will make Curiosity a lot more interesting to use, and it will allow the rover to get better at detecting chemicals, and other molecules. 

Scientists hope the color will bring out the rover’s capabilities. 

Curiosity has already gotten a new paint job, and the mission has been working to make it look as it did when the rover first landed on Mars in 2012. 

The color was chosen because it is the first time that Curiosity has used paint to paint itself, said Rob Marquez, an engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. 

In the future, NASA will use Curiosity to learn about its surroundings, which is what the color is meant to do.

“We’re very excited about Curiosity’s first color change, and we hope the future will be more exciting with more color changes for Mars,” Marquez told CNBC. 

According to NASA, Curiosity has been using the paint for about six months, but the paint was not fully cured until the next day.

The paint has been on the rover since the last mission in January.

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