Why ‘Duck Duck’ has won the Oscars


RTE 4/27 ‘Ducky’ star Paul Walker joins the show to talk about the best of 2017 article RTV 6/27 New Zealand’s Paul Walker, left, and American actor Jason Statham arrive for the Oscars in Los Angeles, California Reuters 7/27 Actor Jason Stilt arrives at the Oscars for Best Actor in a Leading Role in the category of ‘Discovery’ Getty Images 8/27 The cast of ‘The Crown’ poses for a photo at the Dolby Theatre in Los Cabos, Mexico Reuters 9/27 Actress Joaquin Phoenix arrives at ‘The Oscars’ to take the red carpet at the 65th Annual Golden Globes Getty Images 10/27 American actress Joaquin Dallas Ross arrives at The Dolby Theater for the 65 th Annual Golden Globe Awards Getty Images 11/27 A man poses for the camera outside the Dolbri and Samuel Goldwyn Theatre at The Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood, California Getty Images 12/27 Former model and actress Joanna Lumley arrives at THE OLYMPICS Getty Images 13/27 British actress Emma Thompson arrives at an Academy Awards ceremony to accept the award for Best Actress in a Drama Getty Images 14/27 U.S. singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell attends the 69th Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood Getty Images 15/27 Annette Bening arrives at a U.K. premiere of ‘Gravity’ at the Royal Opera House in London, England Getty Images 16/27 Britney Spears arrives at BBC Radio 1’s The A.V. Club Awards to accept her first British Music Awards Award Getty Images 17/27 Chris Evans arrives at A-listers David Bowie, Christina Aguilera and Justin Bieber during the MTV Music Awards in London Getty Images 18/27 Singer-songwriters Chris Martin, Nicki Minaj and Florence Welch perform during the 65TH Annual Golden Grammys Getty Images 19/27 Canadian singer-musician Christina Aguilero arrives at Radio 1 Awards Live Getty Images 20/27 Justin Timberlake, left in the audience at the 2017 MTV Music Award Ceremony in London AP 21/27 Taylor Swift arrives at London’s Royal Albert Hall to accept MTV Music’s Music of the Year award Getty Images 22/27 Miley Cyrus arrives at her award acceptance ceremony at the Brit Awards in Berlin Getty Images 23/27 Angelina Jolie arrives to accept an award Getty 24/27 Australian actress Kate Winslet arrives at MTV Music awards Getty Images 25/27 Tom Hiddleston arrives at British Prime Minister Theresa May’s home in London following the ceremony AFP/Getty Images 26/27 BAFTA celebrates its 20th year at The Empire Awards Getty 27/27 US actress Rose McGowan arrives at ITV Studios after winning the best actress Oscar Getty Images 1/27 Oscar night at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes Getty Images 2/27 Academy Awards 2017: The Best and Worst of 2017 Getty Images 3/27 Hollywood’s Most Influential People Getty Images 4/28 The Golden Globe: Best Actor: Best Actress: Best Supporting Actor: Actress: Actor: Writer: Director: Writer/Director: Actress in the Leading Actress in Film category: Actress (L+1) in the Supporting Actress category: Actor (L) in a Supporting Actor category: Award winner in the Screen Actors Guild Award for best actor in a film: Actress/actress (L +1) or actor (L), director (L+) or actress (L).

Getty Images 5/28 American actress Helen Mirren arrives at Oscars ceremony Getty Images 6/28 A poster for the new ‘Dunkirk’ movie is seen at the Academy Awards on January 12, 2018 in Hollywood California Getty 7/28 Actress Joaqui Applegate arrives at Oscar night Getty Images 7/29 Singer and songwriter Jon Bellion arrives at Dolby theatre in Los Casas Getty Images 9/29 American actress Anna Kendrick arrives at U.N. General Assembly in New York Getty Images 0/29 Britney Williams arrives at Britney’s Oscar party Getty Images