Which is the best way to get your curiosity covered in a video game?


Polygon is proud to introduce our series of quizzes designed to help you decide which is the better way to cover your curiosity in a game.

The first installment of our series looked at video games’ ability to entertain us, and in that case, we looked at how the game’s presentation of its gameplay could help to keep our curiosity going in the face of the daunting task of exploring a world.

As we’ll see, there are other ways to play as well, and it’s possible to find a good balance between the two in any given game.

What follows is a question and answer session that we thought you might enjoy.

This series has been designed to be as easy to understand as possible.

It’s intended for a beginner to intermediate player, with a high-schooler and a senior citizen.

The questions in this question and an answer will be as simple as possible, with no jargon or jargon-filled answers.

The quizzes will focus on general information in a given game, such as the mechanics and the visuals of the game, the story, the overall gameplay, and so on.

You can also use the quizzes to help your own curiosity about a game by asking questions that you have about the game itself.

We have tried to be very specific about what we ask, and we hope you’ll enjoy the results.

In addition to asking questions about the gameplay itself, you can also ask us to answer a few more general questions about a particular game or series.

For example, we can answer a question about the series’ overall difficulty and how it affects the experience.

The answers to these questions will be very general and can be taken as a general guideline to help guide you through the series.

Each quiz will have four questions, but we encourage you to try them out for yourself and see what your answers suggest.

After you answer all four of the quizzies, you’ll get a quiz score of 1-10.

To learn more about how to do quizzes in our series, read our FAQs.

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