Curiosity streams reddit, Facebook to launch in 2018


Reddit, Facebook and Twitter have announced plans to launch a mobile app and a desktop app in 2018, a move that could pave the way for social media giants such as Google to open their services to more people.

The announcement of the new platforms, which will launch in June, follows months of speculation that the tech giants would launch similar platforms in the coming years.

On Thursday, Facebook said it was launching a “new era” for social networks with a mobile version of its news and comment aggregator Facebook News Feed.

In a blog post, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the new platform would enable users to “go from reading articles in news feeds to seeing what they want in one place”.

“We are building a new way to connect people around the world with their friends and news.

We’re doing it with mobile,” Zuckerberg wrote.

“It’s called Facebook News.

It’s faster, more beautiful, and better than ever.”

You can start now to find what you want in the news feed, wherever you are.

Or you can explore more than 150 million curated posts to discover the things that matter most to you.

Facebook News is an app that has a live video feed of your news feeds and comments, as well as a list of the latest trending stories.”

The new News app will be a great first step, but you’ll soon be able to use it in more places than ever before.”

Facebook News is an app that has a live video feed of your news feeds and comments, as well as a list of the latest trending stories.

Users can also search the news feeds by topic and see what other people are saying about the topics they are interested in.

“With the new mobile app, we are giving people the ability to quickly find what they are looking for and then share it with their social networks,” Zuckerberg said.

“The result is that people can now access what they care about from anywhere in the world.”‘

No surprise’The announcement comes just weeks after Facebook and Google announced they would jointly launch a “mobile first” news app called Newsmoove.

Google’s new mobile News app launched on iOS and Android last month, while Facebook is also expected to launch the app on its iOS and Google Play store later this year.

Google News is already available on iOS, with the company previously announcing it was bringing the app to Android in the future.

In December, Facebook announced it would be introducing a “news app” for iOS and a new version of Facebook News for Android.