When we’re not on the front lines of the world’s largest technology and media war, we’re at home in the headlines


By Christopher J. Johnson The Associated PressTechnology companies have been battling over the past several years over the role of technology in public life.

The battle has turned the spotlight on the role technology plays in society, with the technology industry’s own lobbyists arguing that technology can and should be trusted in public policy.

Now, tech firms are pushing back on that view, saying they are only using technology in ways that make it more accessible to the public and help solve public problems.

And as technology becomes more ubiquitous, companies are trying to make sure it is always on their side.

Here are some of the ways companies are playing a role in the battle:Google’s use of virtual reality technology to allow people to watch live videos of events in real time has been hailed by privacy advocates.

The technology company has said that while it has no plans to make that technology available to anyone, it will be able to give people the ability to watch video clips on YouTube.

Google says it will also allow users to watch a live video of an event on Google’s website without having to leave the page, and will let users control the video by using voice commands.

It will also offer a tool that will allow people who are watching the live video to make comments on the video in real-time.

The company also plans to offer a virtual reality mode that will let people see videos as they happen without the need for an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset.

Other tech companies have said they will also be offering a virtual-reality mode for their products.

Apple said it will begin using the technology to enable people to see a video in a new feature called “video mode,” allowing users to take their smartphones to a virtual movie theater, look around and interact with others in the theater.

Google said it plans to provide a way for users to control the live-streaming mode of its video site, the YouTube video app, using voice and gesture commands.

Apple has also said it is developing new ways to stream video to users on the iPhone X, which has a new video mode that can be used to watch videos in a “virtual theater” or on the TV screen.

The new video features include a video viewer that will make it easier to see live video from the front row of a movie theater with a dedicated button to switch to the front of the theater when a movie starts.

The feature will also let users look around in the movie theater by tapping the screen to see more than one screen at a time, and users will be allowed to swipe the screen and choose from more than 50 different movies on the app.