What the world needs to know about the Vatican’s bizarre attempts to control science


The Vatican is attempting to control the science of its Catholic churches and the Catholic Church in general by putting scientists in charge of scientific inquiry, according to a report in The Guardian.

The Vatican’s science office is trying to impose a hierarchy that “expects a certain level of scientific literacy in all areas of the Church,” according to the report, which also claimed that a Vatican committee is “trying to establish an international body to regulate science in the Catholic church.”

A Vatican committee on science has also been formed to “advise on issues of scientific competence,” the report said.

The report said the Vatican committee was chaired by a scientist, “who is also a member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.”

The report also said that scientists who are considered “non-scientific” by the Vatican are excluded from any official positions in the Vatican.

It also said scientists in the Church who disagree with the Vatican on such matters are banned from holding official positions or from participating in church affairs.

“The pope wants to create a scientific elite that does not know science,” one Vatican insider told The Guardian about the new plan to control scientists and science education in the church.

“This elite will be trained in science and the sciences and they will be able to decide what to teach in schools, and who to work with and who not to work on,” the source said.

“It’s a very strange plan.

We’ve seen in the past what happens when a political elite is in charge.”