How to make an art exhibit at a public library


DALLAS — It’s the biggest day of the year at the North Texas Public Library.

The librarians have a lot of things planned, from a special art installation by the city’s resident artist, The Muralist, to a free art auction with a $20,000 prize.

But this week, they’ll be getting creative.

The North Texas public library is taking a page from the private sector by offering free admission to anyone who wants to take a tour.

“Our goal is to be the most welcoming and inviting place to all kinds of people and we’re just really trying to get people to come to us,” said library director Rob Rocha.

The library is partnering with local artist and activist Jana Gaddis.

Gaddis, who created a mural of the Texas flag, was recently honored with a MacArthur Foundation grant.

She’s been painting the mural since 2013, and it’s an enduring portrait of the Confederate flag.

The mural, which features an image of a woman holding the flag, also features a Confederate flag-related slogan.

Rocha says he and the library decided to make the mural to honor the flag-raising ceremony held in front of the library in December.

The idea is to give people an opportunity to see the mural, and to see other people who are also in the mural and participate in that event.

The library also hopes to draw more people to the library, especially the students who are coming in on their first year of college.

Rucha said the library is also planning a free museum exhibition featuring art from the mural that goes on display at the library for a limited time.

Gadis said she was excited about the opportunity to get this mural out to people.

“I’m excited to get my work out in front and see people who I would not have gotten to see before because of the restrictions that we’re having,” she said.

“It’s just been really fun to be able to show that we are the city of Houston, and that we have a place for all kinds and all kinds to come and see.”

Rochab said the mural is an art installation that will go on display throughout the library on Wednesday.

It will include a selection of works by Gaddas, as well as a selection by artist Jocelyn Kelleher, who has a mural in the library’s gallery.

Rochella said he hopes the mural inspires people to be more civil and inclusive.

“To show that diversity is OK, that everybody is equal, that’s OK,” he said.

“That’s what the museum will show.

I think people will be excited to see that.”