When a startup starts using your personal data


By By Tom PetersThe article | September 05, 2018, 9:24am PDTA startup in New Zealand has developed a program that collects and analyzes data about your internet habits.

The startup called TheCuriousApp, which has been in business for over two years, aims to make it easy for companies to understand how you interact with the web.

The app can also identify when you’re browsing through the internet, which could be used to help identify which pages you’re visiting and what you’re interested in.

The company is working with researchers at the University of Auckland to make use of the information it collects to develop new ways to help people.

It says the app can help companies identify who you are and what type of content you are interested in by measuring your internet activity.

For example, TheCrazyApp can analyze your internet use and tell whether you’re using social media, video, text messages, video chat, or your browser’s tabs.

If you’re logged in to Facebook, it can tell you if you’re sharing videos and photos from your account.

Other applications could include mapping your browsing habits across social media platforms, or tracking what apps you’ve used.

It could also be used for other purposes.

TheCurious app can use data from the apps you use and the sites you visit to find patterns, like which sites you’re most likely to visit, or which apps you visit more often, The New Zealand Herald reports.

The technology isn’t new.

The company, which sells data to developers, has worked with companies including Google, Apple, and Amazon.

TheCultivate app, which lets users track their online activities and identify patterns in their habits, has been available for Android since 2013.

It’s unclear what the company will use the data for, though the company said it has been using it to create a profile on people’s internet activity to help it understand their needs and motivations.

“The data is anonymized and it’s never collected in any way,” TheCousin said.

“We’re using it as a tool to understand what people are doing online and why they’re doing it.

We’ll be working with companies to make sure that the data we’re collecting is safe.”

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